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          Investor Relation
          Corporate Information

          Stock Code

            The Stock Exchang of Hong Kong Limited: 609

          Board of Directors

            Executive Directors

            Mr. Liu Yang (Chairman)

            Mr. Wang Zijiang

            Non-Executive Directors

            Mr. Liu Hongliang

            Mr. Guo Yucheng

            Independent Non-Executive Directors

            Mr. Gao Baoyu

            Mr. Leung Kam Wan

            Mr. Liu Chenguang

          Audit Committee

            Mr. Leung Kam Wan (Chairman)

            Mr. Gao Baoyu

            Mr. Liu Chenguang

          Remuneration Committee

            Mr. Liu Chenguang (Chairman)

            Mr. Gao Baoyu

            Mr. Leung Kam Wan

            Mr. Liu Yang

          Nomination Committee

            Mr. Liu Yang (Chairman)

            Mr. Leung Kam Wang

            Mr. Liu Chengguang

          Safety and Environmental Protection Committee

            Mr. Liu Yang (Chairman)

           Mr. Gao Baoyu

            Mr. Li Yuguo

          Company Secretary

            Ms. Lau Wai Chun

          Independent Auditor

            BDO Limited

          Head Office and Principal Place of Business in China

            Weifang High Tech Industry Development Zone

            Weifang City  Shandong Province  The PRC

          Principal Place of Business in Hong Kong

            Room 2204A on the 22nd Floor

            Bank of America Tower

            12 Harcourt Road Central

            Hong Kong

          Registered Office

            Cricket Square

            Hutchins Drive

            P. O. Box 2681

            Grand Cayman KY1-1111

            Cayman Islands

          Hong Kong Share Registrar and Transfer Office

            Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Limited

            Shops 1712-1716 on the 17th Floor

            Hopewell Centre 183 Queen’s Road

            Wan Chai

            Hong Kong

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